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Contemporary Drawing Exhibition 

Helsinki Cathedral 

Horses have been part of human history since the beginning. They are present across the landscape of time from stone paintings, Art, folklore, mythologies, religious rituals, farming, politics and much more - across all cultures on earth.


But they have never been just an animaI, they are also how humans see them selves.


Exhibition Text


When the bishop at the Helsinki Cathedral invited me to exhibit at the Cathedral she had one request 

"Can you make art about christianity in such a way that reflects contemporary society?" And my immediate response was "YES! The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse."

When I read books enriched by the human interaction with horses it becomes very apparent to me that the horse is repeatedly a character predictor of the human it is paired with - whether it be in paintings, literature or political histories, the horse and the human become one person.  


For this exhibition I seek to explore that very idea in the story narrated by John the revelator in one of his visions regarding the apocalypse written in the book of revelations Chapter 6. In this chapter there is a vision of four horsemen, Conquest, War, Famine and Death - each was described with such synchronicity between the animal and it's human as though they were 'One'. And for this reason I have removed the figure of a human from that narrative and focused on portraying the Horse as an all inclusive representation of how the bible perceives the degeneration of human beings.



Selected Artworks on Display


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