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Davanti Alla Sala Del Trono, 2016


Private Collection of AG Behbehani



From 2014 to 2016, the artist suffered severe arthritis in her fingers, Raynaud’s phenomenon in her hands, and other disorders that included extreme fatigue, burnout and depression. She struggled to draw because it hurt so much. She painted without reference to the external world with little to no interest in art history. She and her family interpreted her condition as an act of witchcraft that was committed against her. So, she spent that period of her life engaging with various types of religious and spiritual activities to receive healing. Desperate to find that touch from God, she created ink abstractions that were responding to Christian worship music. She combined the psychological and mythical expression through repetition and these paintings became that mystical process by means of entering into cosmic ethereal spaces.

The majority of works produced in this collection were purchased by a private collector.

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